ZECK Training

ZECK Training

Perfect combination of theoretical & practical training

IHK-Fachkraft Freileitungs- monteur/in

Im Rahmen des IHK-Zertifikatslehrgangs ist ZECK Ausbildungsort für das "Modul: Seilzug" und "Fachpraxis"



Three valuable days, packed with knowledge. The training was very comprehensible. Also, thank you for leaving so much time for questions.“ S. Fuchs | EDI.SON, 22.11.2017 


Unfortunately, 3 great days of training are over... Thank you, ZECK company for many eye-opening moments and inspirations that will make our daily work even better and safer! Even after many years of professional experience one can always learn something new.“ M. Finck | EDI.SON, 22.11.2017


"Thank you very much for this awesome training! Great work speed, perfect structure and a lot of incredibly useful information that was presented in a easy to understand way.”  M. Borchard | EDI.SON, 22.11.2017


"The training was a success! All questions were answered with patience anytime and explained in an easy to understand way. We were able to gain a lot of knowledge and started putting it into practice right away." D. Böttcher | EDI.SON, 22.11.2017


"The training was a great success with us and I think we will change a few of our processes thanks to the training." T. Schlag | EDI.SON, 22.11.2017

ZECK Training Team

Efficient and safe working during stringing operations significantly defines the success during the realization of your projects. Reliable and target-oriented qualified personnel with a trained eye play a decisive role.

Train your staff to safely and competently tap into potential and performance of ZECK machines contributing sustainably to your company's success.

We set the highest quality standards for our ZECK product and training. At our new training center with an interactive white board as well as the new testing area with a tower we have created the ideal conditions to theoretically and practically acquire skill in a tangible way.

We are looking forward to welcome you at ZECK!

Your ZECK training team  


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