Quality Management

To further develop our organization, to plan, implement, monitor and improve our quality relevant activities and especially to guarantee a high level of customer and employee satisfaction, Zeck has introduced a quality assurance system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Our QM system is implemented in the whole company and is checked and certified by an accredited certification authority.

Download DIN ISO 9001 Certificate


In order to maintain and continuously improve our quality management system, we have provided the following:

  • We have determined all operational procedures and described them in specific documentation. These procedures are regularly monitored, assessed and analyzed, in view of continuous improvement.
  • We attach importance to professional further training. High-quality products are the result of highly professional employees. Our company distinguishes itself by the high percentage of skilled labor.
  • The upper management ensures that all information and resources are available in order to guarantee an effective QM.
  • All responsibilities in the company are clearly defined. All employees are integrated into the decision making process at an early stage. Thus we highly motivate our employees, which is in turn reflected in their loyalty to ZECK over the course of several decades.