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Overhead Transmission Line Construction

The wiring of overhead power transmission lines requires an installation technology which avoids contact of the conductors with the ground. For this purpose, we manufacture tension stringing equipment: The puller pulls the conductor off the drum, while it is tensioned by the tensioner on the opposite side. Besides these machines this installation requires a wide range of additional equipment which is part of our product range as well. Furthermore we manufacture the complete equipment for the erection of power transmission line towers.

Catenary Installation

Efficient and accurate installation of catenary systems is achieved by machines which install the wires under the same tension at which they need to be finally fixed. Our catenary installation units can be mounted on rail/road vehicles or on rail wagons. As local conditions and regulations in the railway industry are never the same our catenary installation units are always customized. We are used and able to adjust our product to any technical requirement. We have ample experience in the manufacture of catenary installation units for new railway tracks (for instance bullet trains) and for renewal of old railway tracks.

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