ST 340

Full electronically controlled drum winch with a max. pulling force of 40.8 kN and max. speed of 34 m/min. Suitable for lifting loads for fast and safe tower equipping, erection or final sagging.

ST 340


Max. pulling force (inner rope layer):

40.8 kN

Max. speed (outer rope layer):

34 m/min


K = 55000 => e.g. Ø 12 mm

380 m


Length x width x height:

3440 x 1620 x 1750 mm

Weight (without rope):

1000 kg


  • Max. 16.5 kW (22.1 hp)

  • Gasoline engine with electro start

  • 12 V system with high capacity battery


  • Drum with completely enclosed drive unit (motor + brake + gear box) for minimal maintenance and high efficiency

  • Continuously variable rope speed and accurate control at max. load

  • Automatically activated drum safety brake system


  • Control of rope in/out via hand lever

  • PLC controlled machine for optimized productivity and safety

  • WQVGA Color display for monitoring the pulling force, hydraulic-, motor- and electrical system with intelligent diagnostic and troubleshooting system

  • Automatically controlled oil cooling system

  • ZECK stringing data record system with USB interface

  • Overload protection system


  • 1 spring-mounted axle chassis with brake-/lighting system and mudguard for up to 80 km/h (car application)

  • Lockable aluminum cover

  • Back support via mechanical sprag

  • Front support via mechanical parking jack

  • Automatic rope guiding device

  • Large rope drum with stable pressure rollers for fixing the rope


  • Diesel engine with 25 kW (34 hp)

  • 1 spring-mounted axle chassis with brake-/lighting system and mudguard for car application up to 100 km/h

  • Cable or radio remote control

  • Electronic printer for ZECK stringing data record system

  • Height adjustable towing bar with change coupling for truck application

  • Free wheel device to pull out ropes by hand (without engine)

  • Slack rope safety system => prevents rope from getting loose and crossed over (only for steel ropes)

  • Protective undercarriage cover

  • Spare wheel with lockable holding device

  • Lockable tool box

  • Grounding plate

  • Noise reduction kit

  • Arctic kit – with preheating system for up to -30 °C

  • Extra-large drum

  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil

  • Ropes in various versions (steel or synthetic fibres)

Special modifications or equipment on request.


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