ZECK is awardee for Bayerns Best 50

We are so proud to be among Bayerns Best 50 again!
ZECK is back on the list! The Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development, and Energy has once again awarded the 50 fastest-growing medium-sized companies.
This prestigious award is given to companies that have experienced exceptional growth in their number of employees and revenue in recent years. ZECK has also been honored with this distinction.
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs for this prestigious award and to our employees, customers, and partners who have contributed to our success.

Elektrische Trommelwinde

eST 140

  • Emission-free work
  • Maximum energy efficiency through recuperation
  • Battery capacity designed for 1-3 working days
  • Exchangeable battery system for maximum flexibility on the construction site
  • Easy battery change without tools <1 minute
  • No noise emission - allows working in residential/nature protection areas and reduces stress for operators
  • Environmentally friendly, since no oil and no fuel

Machine generation V007

  • Increased occupational safety due to intuitive operating concept

  • Decentralized operation of the hydraulic sprag

  • SLTS, Smart Low Tensioning System (machine can be used in stringing operations with low tensioning force, e.g. OPGW or pilot rope)

  • Electronic pretension control for drum stands


Recycling of transmission lines

ZAS - The latest innovation to efficiently sort scrap ACSR conductors

Introducing the ZECK Al/Steel Separator (ZAS) - the revolutionary technology that is transforming the recycling of old transmission lines. With the increasing focus on sustainability and reducing emissions, the ZAS machine is a game-changer in the recycling industry.

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Safety brake for line car

(patent pending)


Retrofitting possible for all ZECK line cars LF 923 LF 947 LF 975

  1. The safety brake is activated by spring force - for maximum functional safety
  2. Hydraulic control system (without electrics)
  3. Safe stopping of the line car up to a slope of 25 degrees,even with greased or wet conducter

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Smart low tensioning system - SLTS

  • SLTS - Smart Low Tensioning System for an extremely low minimal tension force
  • Extremely low minimal tensioning force for puller-tensioners of 25 - 240 kN.
  • Perfectly suited for OPGW stringing operations (Patent pending)

Australia pulls with ZECK

Heavy duty braided steel rope

Wiring Unit displayed at Rail Live 2016

"The overhead electrification wiring unit, which was displayed at Rail Live 2016, is a first in the UK. Developed by Sweden’s SRS Sjölanders AB and German-based ZECK, the road/rail vehicle can run out contact and catenary wires at full tension, halving the time it typically takes to install conductors for rail electrification. The unit also offers more flexibility than a conventional wiring train - it doesn’t rely on the availability of train crews and drivers..." 

RAILSTAFF, July 2016 (http://www.railstaff.uk)