LKE 85 | LKE 110

  • To exchange ground wire or conductor
  • Pulling robot is installed with both rope guidance rollers on the rope and secured and pulls a synthetic fiber rope with attached cradle blocks along an already present conductor
  • Pulling robot made of aluminum with a max. pulling force of ~ 85 kg* | 100 kg and a max. speed of ~ 29 m/min (1.7 km/h)*| approx. 19 m/min (1.2 km/h)

Technical Data


Max pulling force - LKE 85~ 85 kg*
Max pulling force - LKE 110~ 110 kg at an inclination of max. 9°
Max speed - LKE 85~ 29 m/min (1.7 km/h)*
Max speed - LKE 110~ 19 m/ min (1.2 km/h)*
Max. reach~ 3000 m at a pulling force of 50 kg*
Max. rope diameter10 – 45 mm

* Performance dependent on: inclination angle, pulling force, battery charge, ambient temperature


Length x Width x Height
LKE 85 | LKE 110 with rechargeable battery0.7 x 0.6 x 1.0 m
Transport box1.2 x 0.8 x 0.7 m


LKE 85 | LKE 110 (without battery)22.5 kg
Battery pack 33 Ah25 kg
Battery pack 44 Ah32 kg
Transport box50 kg
Recovering device9 kg


  • Shock resistant case for electric control
  • Radio remote control
  • Battery charger and second battery for radio remote control
  • Second battery case with battery pack
  • Charger for battery pack in robust aluminum case
  • Recovering device to recover the pulling robot in case of failure
  • Lockable transport box


  • Electric motor
  • 2x Battery pack with a capacity of 33 Ah
  • 230-V AC-charger

Driving System


  • Drive wheels of high-quality, abrasion-resistant material
  • Special clamping system for driving over compression joints


  • Radio remote control
    • Control of driving direction
    • Reach approx. 300 m
    • Highest operational safety due to “Reflektomat” technology to avoid foreign influences (TÜV certified)
  • Easy battery exchange due to quick change connector
  • Automatic free wheel device to tow the pulling robot


  • Battery pack with a capacity of 44 Ah
  • Radio remote control with 2 transmitters
  • Line tensioner
  • Cradle block

Special designs on request