B 1500/9x2 Z327

  • Completely electronically controlled tensioner for up to 4 (2 + 2) (optional 6 (3 + 3)) cables with 4 (2 x 2) bull wheels (Ø 1500 mm), with a groove diameter 45 mm (optional 60 mm) and a max. pulling and tensioning force of 2 x 90 kN
  • Each bull wheel can be controlled individually

Technical Data


Max. tensioning force2 x 90 kN
Min. tensioning forceapprox. 6 kN
Max. speed6 km/h


Max. pulling force2 x 90 kN
Speed at max. pulling force1 km/h


Number4 (2 x 2)
Diameter1500 mm
Groove Ø45 mm
Number of conductorsup to 4 (2 + 2)
Optional6 (3 + 3)


Length x Width x Height~ 5.9 x 2.3 x 2.6 m
Weight~ 8900 kg


  • 2-axle chassis with rigid axle and parking brake for up to 30 km/h (construction site operation without official approval for road service)
  • Lockable aluminum cover (chequer plate)
  • Back support via robust hydraulic sprag
  • Automatic rope clamping with grounding device


  • Max. 75 kW (102 hp)
  • Liquid-cooled diesel engine with electronic rpm-control
  • 24-V system with high capacity battery

Driving System


  • Each bull wheel with planetary gear and hydraulic motor as completely enclosed drive unit (highly efficient, minimal maintenance)
  • Each bull wheel with an automatically activated safety brake
  • Hydraulic system with quick-action screw couplings to individually control 4 drum stands


  • Control of rope direction and rope speed (infinitely) by joystick
  • ATS, Automatic Tensioning System
  • PLC control for optimized productivity and safety
  • Clearly arranged control panel with color display for supervision of pulling and tensioning force as well as hydraulic, drive, and electric system with an intelligent diagnosis and fault recognition system
  • ZECK Stringing Data Record System with USB port
  • Automatic hydraulic oil cooling system


  • Diesel engine in accordance with EU emissions directive
  • Precleaner for engine air filter
  • Brake, lighting and mudguard (for rigid chassis)
  • 2-axle chassis with spring-mounted axles, brake, lighting and mudguard for up to 80 km/h
  • Front support via robust hydraulic support
  • Bull wheels for left- and right-hand-lay conductors
  • Type suitable for up to six conductors
  • Groove diameter 60 mm
  • Cable or radio remote control for tensioning force
  • Remote diagnosis via GSM network with GPS modem
  • Synchronisation system
  • Hydraulic system for drum stand control with flat face quick-action couplings
  • Hydraulic system (700/1000 bar) to power the press head
  • Lockable toolbox
  • Holding fixture for hose kit
  • Grounding plate with fixture including 3 m of copper cable, 50 mm²
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Arctic kit with preheating system for up to -30 °C
  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil
  • Aluminum cover, color as per RAL color table

Special designs on request