BM 957

  • Completely electronically controlled catenary installation unit installed on a rail-bound vehicle
  • New construction: simultaneous installation of 2 new wires via 2 bull wheel units with a final tensioning force of 2 x 20 kN and a speed of 5 km/h
  • Wire change: simultaneous installation of 1 new wire while retrieving 1 old wire

Technical Data


Max. speed5 km/h
Max. drum Ø1800 mm


Max. tensioning force2 x 20 kN
Max. speed5 km/h


Number4 (2 x 2)
Diameter1400 mm
Groove Ø16 mm
Optional22 / 27 mm


Length x Width x Height~ 19.3 x 2.8 x 2.8 m
Net weight~ 10500 kg


  • Base frame made of steel profiles 2 x 30’ with accommodations for container corner fittings (according to DIN ISO 1161)
  • Lockable, soundproof cabin with ventilation system, windshield wipers, seat and control panel
  • Lighting for working in darkness
  • Circumferential railing as fall prevention system


  • Max. 92.5 kW (126 hp)
  • Liquid-cooled diesel engine in accordance with the EU emissions directive with electronic rpm-control
  • 24-V system with high capacity battery


  • HP-ATS, High Precision Automatic Tensioning System (highly precise braking system, allows for tolerances of ± 1 % of the set nominal value)
  • Careful wire installation due to soft start-up and stopping
  • Electronically controlled drum stand pretension, independent of drum size and uncoil diameter
  • PLC control for optimized productivity and safety
  • Clearly arranged control panel with color display for supervision of pulling and tensioning force as well as hydraulic, drive, and electric system with an intelligent diagnosis and fault recognition system
  • ZECK Stringing Data Record System with USB port
  • Automatic hydraulic oil cooling system
  • Adjustable overload protection


  • Diesel particulate filter (DPF)
  • ITS, Intelligent Tension Sustainer (machine temporarily continues tensioning with last set tensioning force in case of failure)
  • Air conditioning for cabin
  • Printer for ZECK Stringing Data Record System
  • Remote diagnosis via GSM network with GPS modem
  • Drum winch to install the remaining length of the contact wire on the drum
  • Lockable toolbox
  • Arctic kit with preheating system for up to -30 °C
  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil

Special designs on request


  • 2 individually controlled bull wheel units
  • Each bull wheel with planetary gear and hydraulic motor as completely enclosed drive unit (highly efficient, minimal maintenance)
  • Each bull wheel with an automatically activated safety brake


  • 4 hydraulic drum stands (can be automatically moved laterally)
  • Careful catenary installation with lowest wire deflection between drum and bull wheel (< 3°)
  • Individual control of each drum stand, with planetary gear and hydraulic motor as completely enclosed drive unit (highly efficient, minimal maintenance)
  • Free wheel device directly at the drive
  • Universal drum shaft with adjustable drum driving bolt, suitable for all drum types (wooden drum, steel drum with 3 or 4 spokes)
  • 2 drum fixing cones, can be adjusted with socket wrench to safely fix the drum


  • 2 individually controlled hydraulic guidance arms with rope guidance rollers to guide 2 wires directly to the tower (wide lateral reach: approx. 4.5 m (right/left); height: approx. 8.5 m above upper surface of rail)