TBF 20-2W

  • Drum carrier with rail/road traveling mechanism (gauge 1435 mm)
  • Mechanically braked drum stand for the installation of new wire
  • Hydraulic supply by carrier vehicle or integrated ZECK hydraulic power unit
  • Optional with hydraulic drum drive for the installation of new wire or the retrieval of old wire

Technical Data


Max. tensioning torque1400 Nm
Max. speed6 km/h
Max. drum weight2000 kg
Max. drum Ø2000 mm
Min. drum Ø1400 mm
Max. drum width1130 mm
Drum shaft Ø70 mm


Length x Width x Height4.5 x 2.5 x 2.1 m
Max. total weight3500 kg


  • Back support via robust mechanical support legs
  • Front support via robust hydraulic sprag


  • Hydraulic manual pumps for:
    • Hydraulic disk brake
    • Loading/unloading of rail-bound traveling mechanism
    • Lifting/lowering of rail-bound traveling mechanism
    • Releasing of the brake at the rail-bound travelling mechanism
  • Automatic hydraulic oil cooling system
  • Direct acting overload protection


  • Adjustable rail-bound traveling mechanism for different gauges
  • Hydraulic drive (max. drive torque 2650 Nm)
  • Hydraulic power unit HA Z246-702
  • Reel with dismountable flange HT/BM for reeling old rope
  • Lockable toolbox

Special designs on request


  • Hydraulically activated disk brake
  • Drum Stand with planetary gear and hydraulic motor as encapsulated drive unit (highly efficient, minimal maintenance)
  • Free wheel device directly at the drive
  • Universal drum shaft with adjustable drum driving bolt, suitable for all drum types (wooden drum, steel drum with 3 or 4 spokes)
  • 2 drum fixing cones, can be adjusted with socket wrench to safely fix the drum