RR D-W 12

  • Railroad vehicle for winding and unwinding of wire
  • Radio remote control for drum control
  • High constant tensioning force due to hydraulic drum brake and special pulley head (patent pending)
  • Excellent all-terrain capability due to oscillating articulated joint
  • Compliance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE
  • Homologation for road service

Technical Data


Max. tensioning force10 kN
Drum width700 - 1200 mm
Outer drum Ø1200 - 1650 mm
Max. drum weight2500 kg
Telescopic mast with pulley head (above upper surface of rail)3.5 - 6.2 m
Turning radius12 m
Min. curve radius35 m
Max. driving speed road (4 gears)27.7 km/h
Max. driving speed rail (3 gears)19.9 km/h
Max. working speed6.7 km/h


Sound pressure level (Lp)85 dB
Acoustic power level (Lw)103 dB


Hydraulic70 l
Diesel70 l


Length5.0 m
Width (rail)3.0 m
Height on rail wheels (surface of rail)3.4 m
Width (road)2.5 m
Height on road tires3.2 m
Net weight7570 kg
Total weight incl. drum10070 kg


  • Lockable cover for hydraulic and diesel tank and engine maintenance points
  • Electric components with IP65 and IP67 protection
  • Closed cabin with heating system, illumination, and windshield wipers
  • Safety roof ROPS | FOPS
  • Drum holding fixtures for drum diameters of > 1650 mm and drum weights up to 3500 kg
  • Warning horn electric (road) and pneumatic (rail)
  • Warning signal for safety brake
  • Cyclone prefilter
  • Adjustable, turnable, and suspended seat


  • Max. 70 kW (90 hp)
  • Water-cooled diesel engine
  • 12 V system with high capacity battery
  • Rail wheels driven by transmitted friction by road wheels (friction drive)
  • Powershift transmission - 4 gears


  • Diesel engine according EU emissions directive
  • Rail axles for narrow gauge
  • Rail wheel for tramway gauge
  • Fire extinguisher


  • Safety mulit-disk brakes at both road axles
  • 4 rail wheels equipped with negative multi-disc brake
  • Electric/hydraulic parking brake


  • Welded steel frame with 4 mechanically lockable container twistlocks
  • Three point Kinglink and central oscillating bearing
  • Automatic oscillating axle blocking
  • Two hydraulically operated treadplates (right and left side)
  • Two foldable ladders at the front (right and left side)
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Coupling device at front and rear


  • Indication of nominal and actual installation tensioning force
  • Working lights at front and rear
  • Battery master switch
  • Radio remote control for loading and unloading of the drum, gripping the drum, extending and retracting the walkway and locking of gripping arm in working position
  • Cable remote control
  • Joystick on armrest of seat for rail operation
  • Electric/hydraulic emergency pump
  • Safe acces from between the tracks
  • Lighting system for road use and signal lamp with rotating beacon
  • User-friendly control panel and control cabinet
  • Guidance mast with turnable pulley head for zigzag guidance of the unwinding wire