• Rail-road multi-equipment carrier with telescopic mast and large range
  • Base vehicle: Merlot Roto 50.265 Plus
  • Compliance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE, EN 280-2013
  • Homologation for road service
  • Versatile multi-equipment carrier (winch, drilling head, crane and working platform)

Technical Data


Max. safe working load4950 kg
Max. lifting height26 m
Max. extension22.9 m
Max. height with max. safe working load10 m
Max. extension with max. safe working load7 m
Max. extension with max. safe working load1500 kg
Max. load at max. height150 kg
Total rotation (bridge)360° (140°)
Slew ring, continuously rotating, double ball-bearing, rotation of upper radial armstufenlos
Max. driving speed road40 km/h
Max. driving speed rail19.9 km/h


Hydraulic160 l
Diesel150 l


Height7.30 m
Width2.4 m
Height3.12 m
Total weight including crane fork + rail chassis17300 kg


  • Coupling device at front and rear
  • Working lights at front and rear
  • Charge indicator with battery protective device (automatic stop of lifting process)
  • Data processing system to automatically control all functional and safety parameters
  • Adjustable, turnable, and suspended seat
  • Electric components with IP65 and IP67 protection
  • Electronics module to electronically control the feeding pump during rail operation
  • Hydraulic telescopic mast in 4 sections
  • Load-sensing system
  • Safety roof ROPS | FOPS
  • Lighting system for road use and signal lamp with rotating beacon
  • Warning horn electric (road) and pneumatic (rail)
  • Warning signal for parking brake


  • Max. 125 kW (170 CV) EU emissions level V engine with particulate filter
  • 12 V system with high capacity battery
  • Hydrostatic force transmission with electronically controlled displacement motor
  • Four-wheel drive with differential device
  • Electrically controlled gear


  • Trailer Rail with load capacity of 10 to
  • Coupling device and trailer with brake (safe working load 10000 kg)
  • Drilling table with drilling device (electric, hydraulic, pneumatic energy supply, equipotential bonding)
  • Fork carriage plate FEM III (load capacity 2500 kg)
  • Swivel aerial working platform Space (safe working load 300 kg)
  • Puller on work table LIFT-SW (pulling force 4000 kg)
  • Diesel engine according EU emissions directive or in non-EU design


  • Automatic parking brake when engine is at standstill
  • All four drive wheels equipped with disk brakes


  • Cabin can be inclined upwards up to 18 ° for an improved visual field
  • MERLIN System: Complete electronic control of all functions
  • 3 steering methods: All-wheel steering - front wheel steering - crab steering
  • Stability control MCSS
  • Quick-connection system TACK-LOCK at frontal equipment carrier
  • Four independently acting hydraulic support legs
  • Finger-Touch-System to change direction while machine is moving (without taking the hand of the steering wheel)
  • Radio remote control
  • Stability control with warning and automatic leveling system
  • Stability control with warning and shutdown in case of overload
  • Electric/hydraulic emergency pump
  • Electronic proportional control via joystick
  • Safe access from the side opposing the neighboring rail
  • User-friendly control panel and control cabinet
  • Fire extinguisher


  • 2 axles for rail-bound traveling mechanism, with electro-hydraulic control
  • 4 Rail wheels UIC Ø 510 mm
  • 4 hydraulic motors in the rail wheels
  • Radio remote control for driving movement during rail operation
  • Electronics module to electrically control the pump for driving
  • Hydraulic valve for switching between drive mode for rail or road
  • Hydraulic distribution block to control the rail-bound traveling mechanisms and support legs (lifting/lowering)
  • Electric emergency pump to retract the rail-bound traveling mechanism and the support legs
  • Installation of two coupling devices for towing in case of failure
  • Towing pole with fixtures
  • Fire extinguisher