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    ZECK is awarded for TOP 100 most innovative medium-sized enterprises of Germany


Efficient and safe acting during stringing operations is a defining factor in the success of your projects. Trained expert personnel is decisive. During our training programs, your staff learns to safely and competently take full

advantage of the potential and performance of your ZECK machines, contributing sustainably to your success.

We set the highest quality standards for our ZECK products and trainings. In our modern training center, equipped with an interactive white board, as well as the new testing area with tower, we have created ideal conditions to convey theoretical and practical skills in

a tangible way.

For a target-oriented training of your staff, it is possible to combine different trainings according to your needs and projects. Upon request, we develop in cooperation with you individual training programs for your expert personnel.

ZECK Training Courses

  • Machine Instruction

    Instruction into features of a ZECK machine. more ...
  • Intensive Training: Puller-Tensioner | Drum Winch

    more ...
  • Operator Training for Line Cars

    Acquisition of basic knowledge and practical skills in operating ZECK line cars more ...
  • Operator Training for Pulling Robots

    Acquisition of basic knowledge and practical skills in operating the ZECK pulling robot. more ...
  • Operator Training for Drum Winch

    Acquisition of basic knowledge and expertise in operating the ZECK drum winches. more ...
  • Tower Erection with Drum Winches

    Acquisition of basic and technical knowledge in operating ZECK drum winches more ...
  • Planning and Stringing Operations in Proximity to Live Lines

    Basic and expertise about stringing operations in proximity to live parts and system components more ...
  • First-Aid Training

    First aider training and retraining for first aiders whose first-aid training is more…

    more ...