Machine Generation V007


remote diagnostics system

Introducing ZECK CONNECT: Revolutionizing Machine Diagnostics and Support for ZECK machines

ZECK CONNECT is a remote diagnostics system developed by ZECK our pullers, tensioners, and puller-tensioners. This system is designed to improve efficiency and provide support by collecting, analyzing, and processing machine data. The information is then presented on the ZECK Connect Portal, an intuitive platform that enables businesses to access and utilize the data effectively. By leveraging the capabilities of ZECK CONNECT, the Technical Support team can offer targeted assistance based on the available data, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy for the machines. ZECK CONNECT revolutionizes machine diagnostics and support by leveraging data-driven insights. It empowers businesses to make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and maximize the reliability of their equipment.

Experience the Next Generation of ZECK Machines with the V007 Series. Discover the unrivaled features and cutting-edge technology of the ZECK Machine Generation V007. We've taken our renowned equipment to new heights, incorporating advanced functionalities that were previously available as optional extras. Now, these exceptional features come standard, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.


  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Safety: Say goodbye to complexity and welcome an intuitive operating concept that enhances occupational safety. Our optimized visualization and reduced number of operating elements make operation smoother and more straightforward than ever before.
  • Stay in Control with Remote Convenience: Upgrade your experience with our optional Remote-Control system, featuring a new large color display that provides comprehensive real-time data. Enjoy increased operating comfort and benefit from an optimized radio remote connection with a new frequency range and automatic frequency management.
  • Seamless Mode Switching: Switching between pulling mode, ATS tensioning mode, and SLTS tensioning mode has never been easier. With the push of a button, you can effortlessly change the operation mode to suit your needs, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.
  • Precise Speed Control at Your Fingertips: Experience a new level of convenience with our simplified speed control. Adjusting the stringing speed is now comfortable and quick, allowing you to achieve optimal results effortlessly.
  • Efficient Cooling for Enhanced Performance: We've equipped our machines with a larger, rpm-controlled hydraulic oil cooler. This enhancement improves energy efficiency and delivers a stronger cooling effect, ensuring your machine operates at peak performance even in demanding conditions.
  • Enhanced Synchronization Capabilities: For those seeking maximum productivity, our optimized multiple synchronization system allows up to 4 machines to work seamlessly together. This optional feature enables efficient coordination and streamlines your operations.
  • Smart Technology for Better Management: Stay informed and in control with the ZECK Machine Generation V007. Enjoy the convenience of electric fill level indication for hydraulic oil and the option for oil status analysis. These features provide vital insights into your machine's performance and allow for proactive maintenance planning.


  • We prioritize your safety. Our V007 series includes an automatic rope clamping system for up to 6 ropes, ensuring maximum safety during reel/drum changes. Additionally, the decentralized operation of hydraulic supports, controlled by a touch of a button, guarantees safe operation from the WB 1500/5 model and onward.


  • Take advantage of the electrically adjustable drum stand pretension, allowing precise control with pressure indication on the remote control and control panel. Opt for the electronic pretension control for drum stands, providing gentle treatment of HTLS|ACCC conductors and continuous pretension force even as the coiling diameter on the rope drum changes.


  • Introducing ZECK Connect for Unparalleled Connectivity. With the V007 series, we introduce ZECK Connect, an advanced remote diagnosis system that offers daily machine checks, proactive maintenance management, and support from our technical customer service. Monitor all your machine data and pulling data in your fleet through our ZECK Online Portal. Seamlessly integrate with ZECK On Site (ZOS) BIM/construction site software, create virtual boundaries with geofencing, and wirelessly transfer pulling data directly to your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy 12 months of eSIM connectivity for uninterrupted productivity.

Elevate your operations with the ZECK Machine Generation V007. Embrace innovation, efficiency, and safety in one exceptional package. Contact us today to learn more and unlock the limitless possibilities of ZECK technology.